Recruit, Schedule, and Manage your Workforce in One Simple Platform

The WorkAxle platform is your best defence against a chaotic workplace. Especially if your employees, teams, or volunteers work on a schedule, by season, or sporadically.

Recruit, Schedule, and Manage your Workforce in One Simple Platform

Are you running your organization optimally?

Reduce labor costs through smart scheduling:

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Schedule Employees

Understand your schedule no matter how the number of changes. Publish the schedule to all your employees in a single click.

Automated Requests

Allow your employees to request shift swaps, covers, request time off, and much more! Empower your employees to save you time.

Automate Timesheets

View who is clocking in early or late. Stay on top of time tracking. Export detailed time sheets on-the-fly and with little effort.

Send Documents

Send documents to entire departments, specifc roles, or different users in one click. Maintain a record of documents sent and never duplicate your file management tasks.

Review Employees

Provide employee feedback. Encourage good work and shake off bad employees. Gain trasparency in your company Provide a sense of worth to all your employees
Foster an awesome company culture with:

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Onboard New Hires

Import new hires into your workplace and sending them documentation and contracts to sign with a simple click. Stop wasting time fetching documents and signatures.

Separate Work from Life

Stop making your employees feel awkward and uncomfortable when it comes to sharing personal details about their personal life. There’s finally a way to separate your work life from private life.


Spark Communication

Encourage communication within your workplace. Gone are the days of having to endlessly fetch contact info from other employees. Communicate by department, role, or individual employee.

Send Announcments

Use the WorkAxle news section as your new centralized bulletin board. Post announcements, and current events with employees and keep them in the know whenever stuff happens.
Recruit whoever, whenever with:

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Post Job Openings

Create job openings with one simple click. Have those same openings pushed to a public openings page to understand who is checking out your openings and applying to them via your many ad campaigns.

Branded Career Page

Forget having to call your web designer to keep updating job openings on your website. Keep all the listings on your website in-sync with those you want to display and runs ads to via your current website.

Interview Candidates

Sit back and wait for applicants to pour into WorkAxle. Browse your applicants and book interviews with them all within the same ecosystem. Save time and reduce stress for your human resource during the hiring process.

Openings Page Analytics

Know who is coming to view your openings page by adding Google and Facebook analytics to your hosted career page. Start hiring the WorkAxle way and adopt a data-driven approach to hiring so you save time and money.


Hire Candidates

Once you’ve conducted your series of interviews, now it’s time to choose a winner. WorkAxle makes it easy to get the ball rolling with new hires. Click the hire button and import new hires into your business.

We’ve made integrating easy.


Integrate Your POS

Analyze how your scheduling impacts your bottom line. Understand which employees are driving the most revenue for your business.

Integrate Your Payroll

Analyze how your scheduling is impacting your labor costs by knowing which shifts and/or employees affect your bottom line.

The WorkAxle API

Contact us to see all the things you can do with the WorkAxle API. Let your imagination run wild and start optimizing your business today!

Start comparing your Payroll and POS data with employee management data today!

Join the workforce management revolution!

Workforce Management Awareness Guide

Should you invest in a workforce management tool?
This guide will help you answer that question. Included are 16 mistakes that are common in shift-based businesses, and how to avoid them. At the same time, you will learn what exactly is the role of a workforce management tool in your business. Find out how to propel your company forward in this free guide!