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Retail Pharmacy Group in Saudi Arabia

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About the Client

Retail Pharmacy
Saudi Arabia
1,400+ retail pharmacies, clinics, warehouses

Project Scope

Implementation Timeline
5 months
Special Requirements

Prayer times

Spoof-proof clock-in

  • 5-month, company-wide implementation of the WorkAxle platform
  • Integration with legacy systems previously used by the company
  • Tracking prayer times and automatically adjusting timecards accordingly
  • Enabling identification validation through facial recognition
  • Enabling location validation through geofencing and beacon tracking
  • Scheduling and tracking of mobile workforce

"We chose WorkAxle because they would go above and beyond to make us successful. Through joint dedication and hard work, we were able to successfully go live in less than a quarter of the time quoted by the other finalists during the selection process. Not only was WorkAxle able to deploy a working solution for the entire organization, but our employees also gave the project an 80% satisfaction rating within their first quarter of using it.

As a result of this initiative's resounding success, I received a promotion."

Department ManagerOmni Health Performance & Innovation

Top Objectives

  • Centralize time & attendance and tracking processes
  • Ensure governance across the corporate hierarchy
  • Prevent time theft through advanced identity and location validation measures
  • Automatically track prayer times and manage their effect across the organization
  • Promote accountability and compliance through comprehensive record keeping
  • Mobilize and track the mobile workforce

Results that speak for themselves

31% cost savings on employee wages.
74% time savings in timecard management.
100% ROI 6-8 weeks after implementation.
10% reduction in employee turnover.

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