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Retail Pharmacy Group in Saudi Arabia

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About the Client

INDUSTRY Retail Pharmacy
COUNTRIES Saudi Arabia
LOCATIONS 1,400+ retail pharmacies, clinics, warehouses

Project Scope

workaxle-circle-orange Implementation Timeline 5 months
workaxle-circle-orange Special Requirements

Prayer times

Spoof-proof clock-in

  • 5-month, company-wide implementation of the WorkAxle platform
  • Integration with legacy systems previously used by the company
  • Tracking prayer times and automatically adjusting timecards accordingly
  • Enabling identification validation through facial recognition
  • Enabling location validation through geofencing and beacon tracking
  • Scheduling and tracking of mobile workforce

Top Objectives

  • Centralize time & attendance and tracking processes
  • Ensure governance across the corporate hierarchy
  • Prevent time theft through advanced identity and location validation measures
  • Automatically track prayer times and manage their effect across the organization
  • Promote accountability and compliance through comprehensive record keeping
  • Mobilize and track the mobile workforce

Results that speak for themselves

31% cost savings on employee wages.
74% time savings in timecard management.
100% ROI 6-8 weeks after implementation.
10% reduction in employee turnover.

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